About The Rush


Full name : Whitney Rae Diederich

Favorite Social-Media-App : Pinterest

Favorite Food & Drink : Mini M&M’s /Apple Sauce/ Dr. Pepper

Favorite Vacation Spot : Saint George, Bear Lake, Lake Tahoe

Wants to : Travel to Bali & Thailand. But, MOSTLY help motivate people and share her stories through her blog!




Full Name : Tanner Mckay Rush

Favorite Social-Media-App : Instagram

Favorite Food & Drink : Strawberry Lemonade & Mizithra Cheese Pasta

Favorite Vacation Spot : Island Park

Wants to : Travel the World and be apart of Humanitarian Projects





Hi Everyone! Boys and girls, ladies and gents. We’re so happy you’re here with us and we’d love to get to know you guys!

Hit us up on any of our social media :

@whitneyraerush     @rush1023 

We’d love to hear about you guys, just chat, get some info and tips, and hear what you guys would like to see from us. Or even just make friends! 🙂

We’re going to be traveling around the world, sharing YouTube videos of our travels, tips, and daily routines. I (WHIT) will be sharing my beauty routines as requested, along with deep down and real raw posts.

Catch ya along the ride!

-Whit Rae Rush

+ Tan Rush






Any Thoughts?