If not now then never?

Today’s the day! 

 I finally make that first post of my really new & exciting blog 😊 

  I recently became engaged to a Rush! I ACTAULLY HAVE A FIANCÉ, THATS CRAZY!! Now, the real rush of my life is about to begin… 😌 I want to take you with us on our trips & show you all of my/our tips & tricks. This is going to be a lifestyle blog about the daily happenings in the Rush life. Along with Beauty tips, Workout Routines, Motivational Advice, & the most Beautiful Sights in the World. ✈️ 🌏 


  Adulting is weird & such a wild ride. I’m just so glad I get to share it with such a wonderful man & excited I get to share it with you! 

One thing that is different. Is that I want to show & share it ALL with you.. Including all the in between raw and real times. We can only get through our hardest struggles, with other people. There’s times of tears, doubt, rejection & of course some failures. Sharing  these things, I hope that I can bring some hope to someone else going through something similar. Or at least I’m here to relate to. Or even laugh at if you need a picker upper 😉 😎

  It’s nice to see the whole world isn’t all it seems on Instagram & Social media.  
  I want to show you the real-ness behind it all. If you’ll let me 😌

In ending, if not today then never. If there’s something the worlds been trying to tell me lately, it’s that if you have an idea, there’s no better time then now! 

  Get on that plane, pick up that pen, take out that loan for a home, try out your idea. JUST DO IT! I know life is scary. It’s terrifying! But fates been telling me, when you listen to those feelings inside you that make you feel the littlest bit alive, follow it. 

 Nothing has to be perfect. The most successful people became successfull through their trial & errors. So just do it. Get embarrassed, move on & try again. & again & again & again. Till you can just laugh out loud about it & share it with the world. 

  I can’t wait to get started! Thank you for joining me today & I’ll see you soon! xx

– Whits Daily Rush 

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  1. I am so excited to follow you through life!! I love you so much! “If not now then never” is the perfect thought and couldn’t be more true!! So ready set go!!

    1. Thank you Angie!! I can’t wait to start sharing all of our wonderful adventures we will have as newly-weds! We love you to the moon and back. Xox

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