Letting Go Of What Others Think

So I heard this INCREDIBLE podcast,

& if you like podcasts you are going to appreciate this one too.

Or if you don’t listen to podcasts and just want to let go of what others think,

then this is good for you also.


YOUR KICK ASS LIFE PODCAST – Letting Go Of What Others Think







  • Other peoples opinions are good for other people.

  • Everyone’s opinion about you, isn’t about you. Their opinion of you is based on them, their thinking, their history, what has gone on in their lives, and/or who you remind them of.

  • You are not for everyone and that’s ok!

  • Think about your opinion of others, instead of trying to get everyone to like you. And control what they think about you.


  • Don’t let yourself get too attached to the outcome of something.

  • Everyone just wants to take care of themselves and be loved. – Loved this one.

  • BE BRAVE. Deal with all your negative thoughts. Write them down and get them out of your head.

  •  Have funny conversations with yourself to help not beat yourself up.

  • Neuro-pathways in our brains will start to change and LOOK different when we think positively.

  • Watching your mind and thoughts get you in-tune with your universal self.

  • Feed your brain with positivity!!

  • Journal. Pray. Have Gratitude. Ask The Universe.

  • Write down things you want to let go of, as well as accomplish.

  • Don’t worry. 🙂 In the end it always turn out ok.



Once again I hope you enjoyed my post!

I like doing short sweet posts that could help really anyone lift up their day or look at the positives for a moment. Maybe these posts help you get your mind off things. Whatever it is, Thank you for reading and go ahead & share with someone who you think might need the uplifting thought. <3

Lots of love, for yourself & everyone around you,

– Whit

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