Marriott Mountainside Resort ‘Tans Bday’

Whelp! My honey 🐻 (nickname for Tanner hehe) turned 24 yesterday!!

Crazy we have been together for 3 birthdays now… Time sure does fly by when you look back.

Little did Mr. Rush know, that today, his birthday was to be filled with ongoing surprises from mwah. ‘Thanks Pinterest for all the ideas’ 🤝

I started the day off with waking up 2 hours before Tanner.

I decorated our door with streamers and bought balloons from the day before to spread down the hall…

I also made him breakfast in bed which consisted of : Heart shaped pancakes 💜, eggs, a croissant, banana, and some orange juice.

🥞 🍳  🍌 🍹

After breakfast I had Tanner run out of the room, down the hall of balloons and through a wall off streamers I had taped across the end of the hallway (Kinda like a race’s finish line). It was a lot of fun & I could tell he enjoyed doing it. 🙂

(videos can be found the day of on my  snapchat @whitneyraed)

At the bottom of the staircase, I placed all of Tan’s presents up with a poster that said, “Happy Birthday!”


I labelled the present 1-3 so he could open them least to greatest. 🙂

  1. A giftcard to Itunes
  2. Another giftcard to GNC
  3. Tickets to Snoop Dogg + Wiz Khalifa Concert
  4.  (His favorite drinks & treats)

I really enjoyed doing this because it was simple and easy… Most  of the supplies can be bought at the dollar store or any grocery store.

Finally we walked into the kitchen where we celebrated his birthday with a not so traditional birthday cake. 🍩

Tan and I don’t like cake, so when it comes to our birthday’s we’re at a standstill.

Thankfully Tan loves donuts and donuts are easy to stack. So seeing different ideas from pinterest about stacking cans, or brownies on top of another led me to the idea of making a donut cake!




After we ate some donuts, we headed out to finish the rest of our plans.



Went for a Mountain Drive forgot to snap a pic


Celebrating some more, I surprised Tan with a picnic in the back of his car looking over a gorgeous view on a mountain. I forgot to take a picture, but I put a blanket down with some pillows and then we just opened the tailgate and ate! It was actually pretty neat and turned out better than I expected.



We received a present from the family to spend a night at the Marriott Mountainside Resort in Park City. So after the picnic, with our already packed bags I packed ;), we headed out to PC. Safe to say it was one of the nicest and most fun Resorts we’ve stayed in in Park City.


picture from internet


The best part about this Resort is that is has 3 pools and I think 8 Hot Tubs! Which had my name written all over them. 🙂



Dinner was spent on Park City’s Main Street at a place named GRAPPA. It was good but expensive, ranging around 25+ a plate. We got a good deal from our hotel though which gave us two entrees for the price of one.

Tan got Bolognese Bianca and I got classic Spaghetti Arrabiata (with meatballs) 🍝



The bread and vinegar sauce they had to dip it in (which looked like chocolate milk lol) was TO DIE FOR!!! 🥖

Of course we needed dessert. So my personal favorite, which is gladly Tan’s, is a drink or treat from the good ole green mermaid. #starbucks #basic 🍵


pink unicorn
Unicorns do exist!


We found that unicorns existed in PC too… (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s a drink at Starbucks that’s very colorful and has social media raving). It’s funny cause I’ve heard and seen barista’s refusing to make this drink all over social media. ☺️☺️

I personally wouldn’t order this frappe though, cause it looks kinda gross and full of enough sugar to last me a year! But it is instagram worthy, that’s a given.


birthday snap
Had to get a Bday Snap of course! 🙂



Ending the night with the Jazz game playoffs, hot tubs, and some nice time around the fire. 💚♨️🔥



Tan’s 24th birthday was a success! We didn’t want any parties and we wanted time to spend together. So this night couldn’t of ended up more perfect for us. 💕

It was relaxing yet fun & filled with lots of birthday surprises. I wouldn’t tell Tan half the stuff we were doing to keep the mystery. Which made it fun for both him and I.



Well, now I’m off to get ready for our concert with Snoop Dogg & Wiz.

Thanks for visiting today! I have some exciting new makeup routine posts and another surprise to share with you soon. Stay updated and stay happy 💚 Have an amazing weekend!



obvi couldn’t get out of this softest bed



– xo whits daily rush