Random No-Motive Rant

Right now, i’m just gonna go for a little rant. About nothing really specific, but just wanting to update you guys on what’s going on in my life and what new things I have in store.


So first off I am starting a new VLOG ‘Video Blog’. I will be starting that on youtube, so you can look forward to seeing that up soon… Here i’m going to be able to share all my routines, behind the scenes views, tips and tricks, and so on. I just feel like with videos, it’s kind of easier to explain some tutorials and routines instead of typing everything out word for word.

Second, I just recently had surgery last Monday! Crazy!!! & I will be sharing my story with that surgery very soon. It’s kinda a surprise and something that I have been debating to do for a while now (and debating about sharing publicly about) … soo i’ll stop there before I give away too much. & that post will be up soon.


Third I just want to tell you guys that I have so much in store for you, my brain is just so jumbled with everything and I seriously cannot find it in me to sit down and focus for some reason! Does this ever happen to you guys?? You have so much to do and you know what it is that has to be done but you can’t find it in you to get it done?

A month or two ago, I was having a problem with worrying about having everything SO PERFECT and on point before I shared/posted it. It was starting to hold me back and keep me from doing everything I wanted to do. Social Media can have that effect on you. Where everyone is only showing their perfect times with the perfect filter and the perfect blah blah blah, you get the picture. Seeing all of that all that time, without all the flaws and mishaps in between, can put some pressure on you. That’s what I felt had happened to me recently. I was putting too much pressure on things that used to be fun and just bring me simple joy in the past. Like posting a funny picture or just something I love and not having to worry about the amount of likes or comments that I receive on that certain picture/post. I feel like when you don’t worry about those things is when you receive the most like anyways. Kinda funny.

I realized that I just needed time to find myself and love who I am again. Maybe I needed a break from everything and all this planning in my head, so that’s what I did.

I work at a orthodontist so I figured I’ll just work full time and make money and that will set me on the path that I initially want to get on.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong… Working full time (in a job that isn’t your dream job) will only exhaust you and take away from your real goal/dream. I do agree you need to work at places, you may not be that estatic about, for a period of time to be able to afford rent and put food on the table. But make sure your not overworking someone’s else dream that you have no time for yours…

With this new found realization, I shortened my work schedule to part time and forced myself to stare my dreadful list of ‘things to do’ down.

I thought that going with the flow and doing what everyone else seemed to be doing was the right thing to do. But i’m not one to just follow the heard and be satisfied in doing the same old boring routine everyday. That’s what working a full time job after college made me realize. I also realized that school is just not the thing for me right now either. Yeah maybe i’ll go back because I like to learn and I actually really do like school. But right now school can wait while I figure out what I REALLY want to pursue and put my time/money/effort into.

So here I am part time and forced to tackle all my ideas perfect or imperfect. Another realization for me. To just go and DO IT! From my first post   If Not Now then Never  I said, “if you have an idea just do it go for it”. That’s what i’m doing now. Im not going to worry about everything being so perfect or doing everything exactly like everyone else is. I’m just going to do me. Which means doing what feels right and good to MY soul. This life is about what YOU make it. Others can effect you and your life, but it’s ultimately up to you and what you make of how you feel about those situations/experiences.

So bare with me as we go throughout this imperfect journey together. That’s what makes it fun, is the un-perfect funny sides to life. The un-planned raw emotions that come from some experience or someone that sparks joy in your heart is what I am all about. And that is what i’m here to find and bring out in everyone! Let me know what you want to see and hear more of. Bare with me through all the spellchecks, little mishaps, and growth and you’ll see a lot of wonderful amazing things happen in the next couple of months!


Thanks for joining me on this rainy day and I’m glad I got to talk to you guys for and let you know about all the craziness.


Hopefully it calms down from here and we can get rolling 😉

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