Who YOU are makes a difference !




 The moment you wake up and take a breathe, you should know that your lungs are filled with air for purpose.


  You are here to fill your divine purpose.


    & You are meant to bring something into this world that nobody else can.


     Each and every one of us contributes something to this world. We all have a meaning here. Wether you want to believe that or not. I know it is true.


    & Each person is like a puzzle piece in this world. And we need everyone to contribute their love/hobbies to make that puzzle whole. We are all different shapes and colors but we all share the same role in completing lifes’ puzzle.



    When you walk into a room, you impact change. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how many likes you get, how much money you may make, or who your dating. Who you are makes a difference. & The moment a person understands this (their value), their whole world changes for the better. & They become who they were really meant to be.


I heard and thought some of these things today and I wanted to share.

I hope this little note of advice for the day, will give you a little insight on how IMPORTANT YOU ARE!!!

Value your worth. Stand up for your beliefs. Let your Inner Fearless Kid shine.

& Have a great Thirsty Thursday everyone! 😉

Lots of love – Whit


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