Winning YOUR Daily (private) Victory 

Are you winning your daily private victory?

Do we even know what that means anymore?

With socially media being at its highest reach, our daily lives being broadcasted every second via: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & especially Snapchat, do we even care to have private victories?


The human mind and growth throughout our lives, I believe (along with others) depends on the fundamentals of our personal victories.

Take a sec to think about it in this sense… While we are broadcasting everything we do in our daily lives, we are hand in hand (also) creating a life dialogue that is influenced mostly by others.

We want others to perceive us a certain way right? Wether that’s being cooler, having the newest gadgets, best outfits, wanting to be seen as a good nice person, or the best singer, dancer, MUA artist, the list goes on. But, while we do that, we are letting them (others) write our life. They reply to your stories with their input of how they interpreted it. (An opinion)  Therefore, putting in your mind (wethere you notice it or not), an opinion that you will take as a fact about your life/you.

They could say good things and/or bad things. But YOU and your thoughts ultimately shape and determine your life, the path you take, and how happy you are.

That is why it’s still so important for you to win your personal victories. Over publicized victories. You create your own dialogue of your life and you realize it! You’ll become happier knowing who you really are without validation from others.

Write your own life, and your own story!

Now I’m not saying to go and delete all social media, no. I honestly think that would be an impossible thing to ask anyone lol. But just remember to put time in your day to win personal victories and get to know yourself more… Some Types of Personal  Victories

  • Mediating
  • Exercising
  • Reading a good book you enjoy
  • Helping someone without them knowing.
  • Compliment more strangers
  • Spend time alone
  • Write in your journal
  • Make a goal and complete it (without sharing it)

(WHATEVER IT IS, do it for your soul)

Basically just do something for your soul to grow.  With spiritual achievements comes temporal blessings. – Build your soul/ find who you really are (without taking input from others views on you) and you will receive blessings you wouldn’t have received before. I can promise you that.

I encourage you to start today. Write a list of things that make you feel good. Select which ones feed not only your mind but soul too. Then make a goal to do one of those things each week or start with every month! You’ll be surprised at how much you might it like. 😉 You might even find time to do it more or make it part of your daily routine.

One thing I do that is a short/quick/but very soul fulfilling thing is : Every morning while driving to work or before I get on social media, I will list 5 things I am grateful for today. 🙂

It brings me into a place where I feel my soul/body/mind are aligned and at peace. I count my blessings and then I feel happier because I am pointing out things I might not of noticed I was even grateful for or blessings I might take advantage of (like the fact I have a car/phone). It helps me realize how blessed I am and puts a smile on my face almost about every time. 🙂

With all this being said I hope you feel encouraged to get to know yourself more and create some beautiful personal victories. 🙂

I love you all and hope you are having the greatest Monday!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!


Then you’ll find yourself influencing others to be more good, in tune, and have those look up to you in how you did it. How you achieved such a happiness, peace, and success in all the forms of it.
Ok I’m done. 😉 Hugs and Kisses.

-xox whit

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